Second Group of Interviewees with the Cesar Chavez Foundation

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Workforce Development

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT • The SEFCEDA organization became an IRS 501(c )3 nonprofit tax-exempt organization on February 28, 2011. Since this date SEFCEDA has been addressing the poverty problem confronted by the Southeast Fresno community by bringing

information, resources, support, and opportunities pertaining to education and training directly to its residents. One of SEFCEDA’s primary objectives is to increase per capita income of residents. SEFCEDA is accomplishing this objective by collaborating with strategic partners such as the Fresno Regional Workforce Investment Board, Fresno City College, Fresno Unified School District, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno Adult School, southeast Fresno churches, The United Way, New Americans and other agencies serving this target area.  As SEFCEDA provides career path options, training opportunities, tutoring, and job placement assistance to willing residents with demonstrated potential, it will significantly increase their chances of securing good paying jobs; which will contribute to their overall economic success. This positive momentum will spread within households as our first-round champions will become better role models for their children and family members.


Steps to Prosperity - The steps that are being taken by SEFCEDA for the successful implementation of this project.

1. Outreach to Southeast Fresno Community to identify residents who will commit to SEFCEDA Steps-to-Prosperity program. Work with churches, schools, non-profits, and other partners to market SEFCEDA to groups of participants. SEFCEDA’s target audience is the heads-of-households as they command an important role in the future development of the family.

2. Interview prospective participants using SEFECEDA’s intake protocol to ensure candidates meet program requirements.

3. For those individuals accepted into the program SEFCEDA conducts assessments and career exploration to educate them about the local, high-demand career options and training opportunities.

4. Working with Fresno City College and other training providers, SEFCEDA assists participants with training course and financial aid registration.

5. For those participants enrolled in training courses, connect them with tutoring resources to ensure satisfactory completion of coursework.  SEFCEDA will also be providing tutoring services to participants.

6. Upon completion of training (certification, etc.), provide participants with job placement assistance working with community partners.

7. In addition to technical skills training, SEFCEDA provides participants with career-ready competency training (soft skills) to maximize probability of success once participant becomes employed

8. Track participants in Steps-to-Prosperity program from start to finish, documenting quantifiable measures (before and after), testimonials, etc. to be used for future program cycles and continuous improvement of model. 

9. SEFCEDA with the help of other programs and resources from other agencies makes available financial literacy resources and information.

SEFCEDA Workforce Computer Lab

SEFCEDA Workforce Computer Lab

SEFCEDA Monthly Apprenticeship Orientation

SEFCEDA Monthly Apprenticeship Orientation

SEFCEDA Apprenticeship Program

  A partnership with the Cesar Chavez Foundation is the construction of an apartment complex near Kings Canyon and Willow avenues. Our goal with this project is the placement of fifteen apprenticeship positions in the building trades. SEFCEDA pre-screens candidates and assesses basic skills and potential for their successful ability to be trained in the skilled craft areas for participation in an apprenticeship program. The Cesar Chavez Foundation includes provisions in its agreements with the General Contractors selected for construction of the apartment project to ensure the adequate funding and creation of apprenticeship positions as part of the construction of the apartment units.  SEFCEDA has adopted the following five career-ready competencies as standards for career preparation and is being provided to workforce program participants: 1) Work Ethic; 2) Basic Education Proficiency; 3) Workplace Communication Skills; 4) Collaboration and Teamwork; and 5) Critical Thinking. Overall for our entire workforce development program, about 500 residents have participated in our monthly orientation sessions that provide soft skills training and other relevant employment and job training information. While some participants are still in the process of being selected for training and employment consideration, SEFCEDA has been instrumental in the placement of more than 60 residents.

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